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The Wolf on the Hill is NEVER as HUNGRY as the Wolf
Climbing the Hill.


I would like to welcome you to my playground. The content and features of this website constantly change because I use this site to practice new techniques and skills that I pick up. For instance, I am currently playing around with what they call "parallax" scrolling. This type of technique is super popular and is used on a lot of websites. I decided to implement parallax scrolling with the background picture I took doing one of my favorite climbs in Guatemala as well as the quote sitting on top which also disappears as you scroll. Whaaa crazy! Actually, it isn't that hard but fun to experiment with and combine other elements on the page!

Sometimes my website may look a little messy, but I like to keep it pretty bare so that I have plenty of room to play around with modals, navbars, etc... If you look at the bottom of this page, the Facebook and LinkedIn icons will take you to my profiles. Other than that, I release regular updates that I push to the web.


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